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how to care for mums feature image

How To Care For Mums

After receiving tons of questions about chrysanthemums (or mums for short) each fall, we want to reveal how to care of mums as well as all the other information you've always wanted to know about this beauitful fall plant. If you do a web search, you'll be faced with different and conflicting information so...

perennials with purple flowers

The Ultimate Top 25 Perennials With Purple Flowers

Inquiring minds want to know. Here then is our ultimate list of perennials with purple flowers. These 25 plants range from small-ish flowers to large flowering shrubs and everything in between. If you love purple, we'd recommend you adding some of these beautiful perennials blooming in shades of purple and blue and picking ones...

over winter begonias image

How To Over Winter Begonias For Long Lasting Beauty!

Begonias are one of the most common and popular plants used by gardeners and plant lovers today. We love them too. In fact, many people love them so much, they want to over winter them so they can be saved from year to year. We understand. It's hard to beat a winter begonia, not...

croton plant care

The Definitive Guide To Croton Plant Care

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum Alternate Common Name: Plant Type : Houseplant or perennial shrub Mature Size: 5-6 feet Sun Exposure: Full or part sun outside - bright light indoors Planting Zones: Hardy in zones 10-11 Only If you want a colorful plant that will stand out indoors or outdoors, crotons can be a good...

common winterberry shrub image

The Complete Guide To The Common Winterberry Shrub

Botanical Name: Ilex verticillata Plant Type :Shrub Mature Size: 3-15 feet -depending on variety Sun Exposure: Partial Shade to Full Sun Bloom Time: Flowers in spring. Berries in fall and winter Planting Zones: Hardy in zones 3-9 If you've been gardening for any length of time, you probably know of the common winterberry. If...

overwintering plants

A Complete How To Guide For Overwintering Plants Indoors

As winter approaches and thoughts turn to sitting in snuggling up in front of a cozy fire indoors, or thoughts of snowfall increase your anxiety, there is one one last outdoor task needs to be considered; that is, overwintering plants by bringing them indoors. This is especially important for tendor plants that won't like...

christmas cactus care

Christmas Cactus Care – The Definitive Guide

In this post we are highlighting a plant that exudes joy during the holidays with it's beautiful blooms and beautiful foliage - the Christmas cactus. We would love for you to experience their spendor. However, it's important to know the ins and outs of proper Christmas cactus care to get the most out of...

japanese stiltgrass image

Japanese Stiltgrass – An Invasive Plant Warning

What is japanese stiltgrass? Why it's so bad and how you can control this invasive plant before it reaks havoc with your landscape. We have the answers. Japanese stiltgrass, also known as Nepalese browntop, or just "stiltgrass" for short, is an annual grass and a very, very invasive one at that. It grows mainly...

what plants do deer eat image

What Plants Do Deer Eat – Avoid These At All Costs!

Finally, our real world answer to the question, "what plants do deer eat? In addition to hostas, which are the most known, our list includes plants we know from experience to be delicacies to deer. Having beautiful gardens is a goal we all aspire to - and while there are many factors that go...

types of marigolds

Types Of Marigolds And Where To Plant

Botanical Name: Tagetes Patula Plant Type : Annual Mature Size: 6 inches to 4-5 feet Sun Exposure: full sun ideal, partial sun possible Bloom Time: early spring until first frost Planting Zones: 2-11 but only in warmer months Marigolds... or Tagetes! That bright yellow sunny plant that screems summer! In this article we want...

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So, you want a good looking landscape at your home.  The kind of curb appeal where neighbors will stop and take notice.  Plus, you want to be proud of your home and it’s appearance.

We are not "master gardeners."  That requires hours of study and work, plus a certification.

However, Art's degree in horticulture, plus our combined experience of over 50 years as professional landscapers, (you can read our ABOUT US section here), has given us experiences few can claim.  We’ve seen it all.  We’ve heard the questions. We’ve seen the mistakes.

Now we’ve come to help you get a better looking landscape for your home, the kind that will have people stopping to take notice.

This site is geared toward the beginning gardener.  However, even more experienced homeowners should get some value here because we aim to show you how the “pros” do it - shortcuts and tips that will help you get more with less time and less money - and tips that will have your garden look like it was professionally designed.

How To Use The The Site

We've tried organizing the information in an easy-to-understand logical layout.

If you want to transform your home's landscape, you will need knowledge in only 3 areas...

  1. Designing and preparing your garden beds.
  2. Knowing which plants to choose for your own landscape.
  3. How to care for your lawn properly.

Now, these 3 areas can cover a lot of territory.  However, let's start with the basics.

If you're new to gardening, you can start by clicking that topic in the above menu.  This will bring you to 2 sub-topics, "gardening basics for beginners" and "pro landscape tips."  Here you'll find tips and tricks that we, as professionals, have been using to save us time and make gardening easier and fun.

If you want to start planting, you can find what you need in all 3 areas above by clicking the menu items that correspond to those areas:

  1. Garden Prep And Maintenance 
  2. Plant Guide
  3. DIY Lawn Care Guide

Finally, you'll see a section devoted to the "Best Gardening Products."  You can read about the products we use in our own landscaping work that work for us and our clients.  We will never recommend something we haven't tried or that doesn't work.  We know the products we've used, sometimes for decades.  Trust us.  They work.

You can also use the categories listed on the right to find something more specific.  For instance, if you're a beginning gardener just getting started, clicking the category "beginning gardeners" will take you to the articles we've deemed good for you.  You can also use the tags in the same way.

Finally, if you want to find specific information, such as looking up a specific plant, or solving a specific problem, using our search feature at the top right is probably your best option.  Simply search for a word, say, "pansies" and articles that contain that word will be displayed in the results.

This is super easy so try it for yourself.  Search for pansies and see what comes up.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact us or comment on the blog so we can write an article about that exact subject.

Here at Garden Masterz we want to give you all the information you could ever need to transform your home's landscape.  We hope we're doing that.

Happy gardening!