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How To Plant Shrubs – Avoid This Common Mistake

If you're a beginning gardener, or even if you're not, you may be planting various flowers, trees and shrubs every year in your gardens but for some reason, they are not doing well. What could be the reason?  Perhaps you're planting them incorrectly.   Today we want to show you how to plant shrubs and...

hand holding types of fertilizer

Types Of Fertilizer And When To Use Which Type

Using fertilizer is a basic gardening task that should be included in your routine of planting and maintaining your gardens. However, with all the different types of fertilizer on the market today, we know it's confusing to the novice gardener. Just walking down the isles of your local garden center is likely to give...

annuals vs perennials

Annuals vs Perennials – When To Use Them In Your Gardens

The debate over when to use annuals vs perennials goes on among even the most savy gardeners. The simple reason that everyone has their preferences.   There's no right or wrong answer here. Each choice comes with it's own set of advantages and disadvantages that only you can weight out - and indeed we urge...

weed control fabric image

Should You Use Weed Control Fabric In Your Gardens

One of the pressing issues we gardeners face is weeds in the garden. There are many schools of thought on how to control them, one if which involves using weed control fabric. The question is... should you use these rolls of material in your gardens? Our opinion is for most uses NO - do...

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