February 2020 -
is dyed mulch safe

Is Dyed Mulch Safe To Use In Your Gardens

There is a lot of information out there about using colored mulch and the same question inevitably comes up... "Is dyed mulch safe?" To answer this important question, we need to examine the ingredients of dyed mulch. If you're buying bagged mulch, it's easy to read the label to find out this information. Purchasing...

mulch types advantages and disadvantages

Mulch Types And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each

After your gardens are prepared with nutrient rich soil and after they have been planted with attractive shrubs and flowers, you're now ready for the final step - applying mulch. Mulch is very important because it insulates the garden from the hot summer sun, thereby keeping it moist longer. It also helps prevent weeds....

foundation planting

Foundation Planting Ideas For Around Your Home

If you've heard the term foundation planting but want to know specifically what that is, as well as what makes a good foundation plan, we have the answers here. A foundation planting is a garden that is located adjacent to the foundation or exterior walls of your home.  If you're garden is adjacent to...

garden preperation and maintenance

Garden Preperation And Maintenance

In this section you will learn all about preparing your gardens as well as maintaining them after they've been planting. These two topics are important to get right. Do them wrong and your plants may struggle and possibly not survive. Here's a synopsis of this section to help you find the information you need...

best annuals for shade

The Top 8 Best Annuals For Shade Gardens

In this article we want to go over some of the best annuals for shade, and specifically, our top 8 that we like the most. Why do we like them? Simple. They are easy to grow and brighten up an otherwise shady garden. You might think there are less annuals available for shade then...

landscaping shrubs and bushes

The Best Landscaping Shrubs And Bushes For Your Gardens

In this article we wanted to talk to you about the best landscaping shrubs and bushes for your garden. As you know gardens consists of more than just flowers. A well-designed garden space includes a variety of plants including annuals, perennials, maybe an ornamental tree or two, possibly hardscapes such as bird baths or...

what plants are annuals

What Plants Are Annuals And Which Ones Should You Plant?

When you visit your local garden center do you get overwhelmed by plants and theand the beautiful colors surrounding you? Even experienced gardeners visiting stores can be overwhelmed. You know you want color in your gardens but you're not sure which flowering plants would be good for your particular situation. after all, there are...

how to trim a crepe myrtle

How To Trim A Crepe Myrtle Like The Pros

As you search the internet, you'll find a lot of different opinions on how to trim a crepe myrtle tree. We know his can get quite confusing for you so we wanted to give you some clarification in this article and show you the right and wrong ways to do it. First, as is...

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