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About Us


I am a nature lover. Every since I was a child, I loved being outside. I can remember camping trips as a kid and enjoying wildlife and plants.

Although I had various jobs as a teenager, I decided to persue landcaping as a career and got my horticulture degree.

Not long after, I was hired by one of the biggest commercial landscaper in the US - The Brickman Group, Ltd. I quickly worked my way to project manager, managing millions of dollars in work and several large crews of laborers.

Over my years at Brickman, I have seen almost any landscape problem you can imagine, from irrigation systems not working, to planting beds with salt damage, to plants dying out of the blue.  Yes, it was a wild and fun ride.

After working for Brickman for about 15 years, I struck out on my own and partnered with Tony in our own landscape business.

We started slow at first, but work started to come in from word of mouth and people seeing our work. I’m proud to say that we’ve never had to invest one penny in advertising and we are constantly turning work away! It’s a great position to be in, and it’s all because we do quality work and can solve people’s landscape problems.

Knowing that our time and location is limiting what we can do, Tony and I decided to start this site as a way to help even more people have beautiful landscapes.

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Welcome to my world.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

I, along with my partner Art, have run our own landscape business since the late 90's. While I don't have the college degree in horticulture as Art does, experience of over 20 years working with homeowners had taught me a lot.

Like Art, I have seen a lot of homeowners do some wonderful things, but also some not-so-good things with their yards and gardens.  Although I haven't counted, we have probably had over 300 landscape clients over the years.

We've done everything from installing elaborate garden spaces to transform a home's curb appeal, to patios and water features, all the way to maintaining shrubs and grass.

We want to show you, not only how to get that beautiful landscape you see in magazines, but also correct mistakes we see homeowners making, mistakes that can be easily corrected with some simple knowledge.

You'll get that knowledge right here, on Gardenmasterz.com

I love the wonder of nature and being outside camping, hiking, and just being in the midst of the miracle that is the natural world. It truly is a miracle!

I hope you enjoy your visit here on out site.