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Ask The Pros Landscape Consulting – Answering Your Urgent Questions

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Below you'll find our a listing of our live gardening coaching sessions, we call them "Ask The Pros - Landscape Consulting Live."  We hold these calls from time to time with our friends, family and followers on our Facebook page.

Why do we do this? Because our goal as professional landscapers is to bring our knowledge to the rest of the US and even the world and be the most helpful landscapers online today.

We want to make the world a more beautiful place, one plant at a time.

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We want to say that our sessions are a hit. On our first session we received 35 questions prior to the event and a few more live on the event itself. Plus we had a great time talking landscaping and gardening as I'm sure others did too.

How These Sessions Can Help You

Many of the topics we'll be covering are already posts on this blog. If you browse you'll see a wide variety of articles on everything from garden design to maintenance, also including tips and tactics that you can use and apply to your own yard - including the grass -  because your lawn contributes a lot to the overall look of your home's landscape as well.

The difference with the landscape consulting ask the pros sessions is that we get to talk with you, our followers, and give you personal advice that's specific to you. The drawback is that we cannot go into tremendous detail because time won't allow it.

If you want that one-on-one experience, we urge you to check out our garden consulting one-on-one service, where we can really give you the personal attention you need to transform your landscape and make you the master of your own gardens.

Sample Topics We Covered In Our First Lanscape Consulting Ask The Pros Session

Here are some of the topics covered in our first session and the questions we answered.

1. How To Get Rid Of Plants With Rhizome Roots:

Do you know the term rhizome roots? Do you know what they are?

If you don't, it's a common root system that many plants and even some grasses have. We explain it in detail in the video and talk about ways to eliminate those plants from your gardens once and for all.

Here's a hint. Plants with rhizomes are some of the most difficult to control, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't plant them. Many plants with this root system make excellent ground cover.

Watch the video to learn more.

2. How To Renovated An Area Being Overrun With Undesirables:

We know the feeling of being overwhelmed by an area covered in weeds, vines and overgrown shrubs. We've cleared out a number of yards for clients over the years, including rehabers renovating homes.

In the landscape consulting video, we tell the story of how we did it for one particular client and how you can do it too.

Usually, it's a matter of digging out plants with a spade, cutting back vines and other weeds with pruners, and just raking and cleaning. It will definitely involve some work, but it's the first thing that must be done to transform your landscape into something beautiful.

Watch the video to find our more about this topic as well.

3. Do you know about NPK, the big 3?

This acronym stands for the 3 main nutrients plants need to grow; they are, Nitrogen, Phosphorus m Potassium. One person wanted to know how to adjust these when they are low.

First we wanted to know how they knew they were low? Did they get their soil tested? If so, where?

Do you know you can go to your local agricultural extension agency to get your soil tested? These organizations are most often run by universities but sometimes governments and facilitate further knowledge of agriculture, which includes landscapes, soil and plant health.

They will usually mail you a bag if you don't want to pick it up yourself. You then mail the sample back to them and, not only will they give you the soil condition report, but will give you their recommendations for what you need to add to improve it.

This is very important and valuable service, especially if you know little about plant nutrients and wouldn't know which fertilizer to use or how much of it to spread. This service the extension agencies provide is well worth it. Lesson learned.

Look for your local extension agency by doing a Google search.

4. How To Choose The Right Plants For My Location.

We received this questions multiple times from multiple people. Do you know how to choose the right plants? Are YOU trying to renovate a garden space and want to know which plants to plant where?

Choosing the right plants is all a matter of deciding what you like and what you don't like. For that, you need to have some familiarity about plants and a plan or a set of goals you want to achieve in your home landscape.

For instance, do you want massive color in the form of flowers? Do you want flowering trees that bloom in the spring? Are you looking for a low maintenance garden? Do you have a fondness for certain plants because they are special to your mom?

Whatever it is, you'll need to figure that out before you even think about shopping for plants.

When we do garden consulting with local clients in person, we always ask them questions about what THEY want first. We go into great detail, because when it comes to designing a garden they can be proud of, the devil is in the details, so they say.

Once you're ready, you'll need to know the planting zone in which you live and which plants will grow well in your own yard.

First, look it up. We have a chart here on our blog. This should be done before going into the garden center with a blank stare and browsing the different plants - which by the way, is a good idea.

Also a good idea is to drive around your area and notice what others have planted that look good and are doing well.

It's even better if you know your neighbors, especially the ones with beautiful gardens. Go talk with them. Ask them about the advantages and disadvantages of their gardens in their eyes. You'll come away with a much better understanding of their struggles and successes that apply to your neighborhood in your climate.  These are the things you can apply in your own gardens.

This practice will give you ideas as to which plants you like or don't like and which plants grow well in your area.

In addition, when you visit your local garden center, you'll usually see plants that grow in your climate zone. Retail outlets usually won't be selling plants that don't grow where you live. It wouldn't make sense for them.

One exception is tropicals. Everyone likes tropical plants. You probably do too.

Even though garden centers sells these tropical plants, just know they won't survive a frost if you live outside planting zones 9-11 and will either need to be taken inside for the winter, else they will die.


Step 1: Browse Your Neighborhood

Step 2: Visit Your Local Garden Center

Step 3: Gather Your Intel And Formulate Your Plan

These 3 steps, when done first, will give you a multitude of ideas of what you can do in your own landscape.

Once those are done, it's just a matter of narrowing your choice down based on other things that matter such as plant size, light needs and water requirements.

If you need help with your gardens, you can talk with us one-on-one with our garden consulting service. Otherwise browse our many articles on the site to find the information you need.

Finally Some Answers You Can Use...

Some other questions we answered in our first Landscape Consulting As The Pros session include:

  • Controlling certain pests but not others by usig "Invasive Pest Management."
  • Improving your soil for better and healthier plants.
  • How to improve a front yard landscape that is mostly trees, both pines and oaks.
  • How to control crabgrass in your lawn.
  • What to do with boxwood plants that have been split by snow and have browned. Can they be saved?
  • ... and much more!

Landscape Consulting Can Be Done Online

Yes, the video is one hour long but our advice to you is to find time to watch it all, from beginning to end. You'll get alot of valuable information, much of which is probably new to you.

If you still have questions, and you probably will, check out our online garden consulting.

Both Art and I have helped hundreds of clients over the years with their gardens. However, they've all been local to our area. Now, we're looking to change that.

We believe we can make a difference in your yard, even if we're not there in person.

In addition, by signing up now you'll receive an unbelievable discount that we're offering as a way to help change gardens, one plant at a time. This servide is new as of this writing, and we can't promise the price will stay that low.

Once you see the results, you'll be glad you consulted with us because you'll be able to sit back, look at your gardens, and be proud to show them off.


Here's Our First Landscape Consulting Session.  Watch it now:

The above video gives you lots of information and tips you can use starting today to transform your gardens.

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