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is dyed mulch safe

Is Dyed Mulch Safe To Use In Your Gardens

There is a lot of information out there about using colored mulch and the same question inevitably comes up... "Is dyed mulch safe?" To answer this important question, we need to examine the ingredients of dyed mulch. If you're buying bagged mulch, it's easy to read the label to find out this information. Purchasing...

foundation planting

Foundation Planting Ideas For Around Your Home

If you've heard the term foundation planting but want to know specifically what that is, as well as what makes a good foundation plan, we have the answers here. A foundation planting is a garden that is located adjacent to the foundation or exterior walls of your home.  If you're garden is adjacent to...

garden preperation and maintenance

Garden Preperation And Maintenance

In this section you will learn all about preparing your gardens as well as maintaining them after they've been planting. These two topics are important to get right. Do them wrong and your plants may struggle and possibly not survive. Here's a synopsis of this section to help you find the information you need...

garden design

Garden Design Tips To Tranform Your Landscape

The topic of garden design can be a hefty topic indeed. When we talk about the overall design of a garden there is really no limits to the imagination. It's like art. No two are the same yet each one tells a story or conveys a feeling. If you get to this point with...

planting beds close up

Planting Your Beds – Pro Tips To Grow Beautiful Plants

Let me ask you a question. When you think about your flowers, shrubs and your planting beds, and you think about redoing them or replanting them, do you think about which plants you want to use? Of course. Do you think about how much they are going to cost? Naturally. Now answer this… “Do...

what are soil amendments image

What Are Soil Amendments And Should You Use Them In Your Gardens

If you've heard your friends, family or other gardeners talk about amending the soil of their gardens, then you probably know this is something that's important. You've probably asked the question: “What are soil amendments?” but gotten mixed, confusing answers. More importantly, you probably want to know how to use them in your gardens,...

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