Cranberry Cotoneaster - Where To Use It And How To Care For It -

Cranberry Cotoneaster – Where To Use It And How To Care For It

cranberry cotoneaster image

Growth: 2-3 feet
Light: Full Sun To Partial Shade
Zones: 5-7

Cranberry Cotoneaster is one of those plants that gets a lot of notice when it's planted in someone's gardens. Indeed, it can be quite showy, especially in the fall (more on that in a minute).

This variety of contoneaster grows low, mostly about knee high to 3 feet, with graceful cascading arches of branches. Although a low plant, it can cover a wide area because it will grow 3 times as wide as it is tall. Therefore, some people consider it a ground cover, although a much taller and extensive one that the usual ground covers.

Where To Plant Cranberry Cotoneaster

As we mentioned above, it could be used as a ground cover, especially on hard-to-maintain areas such as hillsides. It will cover the ground and hold the hill in place. In addition, because weeds don't get through it's dense thicket, you won't need to weed your gardens much, if at all.

This variety of contoneaster can also be used as a shrub and planted as such. If that's what you want to do, either plant just one - or if planting more - space them far enough apart so when they mature, they will still be seperate.  Remember that they can grow up to 5 feet wide, which means multiple plants should be placed about 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart.  If not, they might begin to resemble ground cover.

If the ultimate look you're going for doesn't matter, then how they are planted won't matter much either..

Although the branches can look spindly, it can be an attractive plant to add a different texture and variety to your gardens, since it's very unique looking.

This plant will grow well in a variety of planting locations, from full to partial sun. The only location where it might not do well is full shade or in a woodsy garden. This makes it easy to find a planting location where it will fit in and do well.

Foliage Highlights Of Cranberry Cotoneaster

The leaves on cranberry cotoneaster are greenish white and small. The flowering pattern is in the spring, when pink blooms open for a few weeks.

The blooms however are secondary to the berries.

cranberry cotoneaster berries image

The berries emerge in late summer or beginning of fall and could remain for a couple of months.. The berries themselves look similar to cranberries in size and color, which is how it get's it's name. They are absolutely spectacular, especially when they are numerous. The more ideal the planting location, the more eye-popping the berries will be.

Not only do the berries put on a show in the fall, but so do the leaves - which turn a bright redish color before falling to the ground.

Cranberry cotoneaster is, therefore, a deciduous shrub, which means the branches are bare during the winter. We say there is nothing wong with this. Because of their spindly nature, snow often times remains on them, giving additional value in winter.

Trimming And Care Of Cranberry Cotoneaster

This shrub is a slow grower and if planted to allow for a wide coverage area, it will rarely need trimming. Only dieback might need to be trimmed, othewise it's a great "plant it and forget it" shrub. The goal is to do as little pruning as possible, and any type of cuts might destroy it's natural shape and beauty.

However, if you must prune it because it's getting too big for your liking, be sure to cut branches back to the branch to which they are attached - in other words the nub. Don't cut a branch in it's middle. This will cause the new growth to grow straight rather than curved downward like the others. This is because the old branches are weighted down by the fruit and branch itself, while new growth will be able to grow upward without the extra weight.

In addition, you'll want to prune it in the spring, just after flowering. Pruning may sacrifice the current year's berries so you'll have to wait until the following year for the berry show. Just another reason why pruning cotoneaster is best not done, of if you must, do so with a light hand and only prune dead branches back to their nubs.

Would We Recommend This Plant?

If you want to fill out a garden space that's fairly large, we'd recommend you check out crannberry cotoneaster in your local garden center. It will be even better if you can find some sample growing in friends or family gardens. This will give you a good idea of what it will look like when it's fully grown because chances are, the plants you see in the store will be smaller than full size.  To really appreciate the cranberry cotoneaster, it helps to see it at is full, glorious size.

Our neighbors have 2 cranberry cotoneasters on the hillside and they fill out the space wonderfully - making good ground cover and preventing weeds from coming up.

Is it a plant worth considering?  Absolutely.

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For more details about the cotoneaster plant, read this article.

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