How To Trim A Crepe Myrtle Like The Pros -

How To Trim A Crepe Myrtle Like The Pros

how to trim a crepe myrtle

As you search the internet, you'll find a lot of different opinions on how to trim a crepe myrtle tree. We know his can get quite confusing for you so we wanted to give you some clarification in this article and show you the right and wrong ways to do it.

First, as is the case with all of landscaping, things are rarely black and white. Most of the time we are left somewhere in the gray area, trying to figure it out, so it stands to reason that the subject of trimming a crepe myrtle is no different. However, there are some common misconceptions about their overall care and trimming, so let us clarify the confustion.

Gorgeous as they are, crape myrtles are very hardy suckers! They can take improper trimming. They can take almost any abuse and still come out blooming. They can even be cut back all the way to the ground and still come back. That's the good news. You don't have to worry about doing something wrong and hurting the plant. We've seen a lot of crape myrles in our travels, many pruned differently, and they all survived to live another day.

However, would you want to cut them wayyy back, sometimes to ground level? The answer is an emphatic NO!

Before we get into the actual trimming, you should know that you DON'T have to trim your crape myrtles at all. You might ask then, "what will happen to them if I don't trim them?"

Well, nothing really. They will still grow and they will still bloom. They just might not look perfectly shaped and over time, they will get larger until they reach their maximum size. If those things don't bother you, then let it go natural.

The problem with this approach is most people, including Art and I, like a shaply tree. We also like keeping them to a specific size, so we prune them for us and for our clients as well. Actually, our clients need to keep them under control so we always do it for them and they always like the outcome.

When Is The Best Time To Trim Crepe Myrtles?

Crape myrtle trees bloom on new growth. That means the old growth from the previous year will need to be removed.

You'll want to do this after the growing season, when the tree has gone into dormancy, but before it starts to awaken again as the weather warms. Generally, in most areas, this means from December through February, and yes, you can do it in any weather, even with snow on the ground.

You definitely don't want to trim them in the fall. If you prune them before they have gone dormant, the pruning action will single to the plant to put out new growth - just before it goes dormant - and this is not something you want. The tree needs to prepare for dormancy by slowing down, not adding new growth. In addition, if today's fickle weather gives you an early freeze, new growth that has just emerged could be freeze off,

You'll use the technique we describe below trim off the old growth from the previous year. Then, once spring arrives and the plant starts to come alive, the new growth will sprout and the new blooms will be set and ready to burst open with the time is right.

Three Methods To Shape Your Crepe Myrtle

There are 3 ways you can trim a crape myrtle, each affecting the overall shape and appearance. Each produces a different look so it's up to you to choose the one you'd prefer for your own tree.

The Single Trunk Method:

Crepe Myrtles grow naturally with multiple trucks growing out of the ground. This is the classic look that most people associate with the tree. However, it is possible to cut off all the trunks except one and let all the growth come out of that one trunk.

This isn't a very popular method of pruning but it's done occassionally. If you decide to use this method, be sure to keep the straightest trunk, cutting off the rest.

The Multi-Trunk Method:

This is the most common method and the one you'll probably choose. In this method, you allow all the trunks to exist within the plant; that is, all the trunks except the ones that are growing sidways or rubbing against others. Those you'll want to remove.

Ideally, you'll want 3,5 or 7 trunks (there's that "rule of odds" again) with the rest being removed.

You'll then trim each branch and stems coming out of those branches seperately.

The Natural Method:

As we stated previously, you can let your crepe myrtle go au natural! This means very little pruning, if any at all. This also means the shape might look a little off center or disheveled.

However, many people like the natural look, especially if your plant is located in a natural area.

It's up to you to choose the appearance and method you prefer and then go for it.

How To Trim Your Crape Myrtle - The Proper Techniques

Have you heard the term "Crepe Murder?" It's when homeowners butcher and "top" their trees because that's how they've seen it done or have seen it done on Youtube. Even professionals top crepe myrtles. You'll see it frequently on commercial properties such as office parks, shopping centers or apartment complexes.

Topping means cutting off the growth at the top, leaving sticks, stems and branches that are all the same height. This method of trimming destroys the natural shape of the tree and creates weak suckers that won't hold up well to nature, not to mention reduces nutients available to to plant that are stored in those stems and branches.

One method of topping is called "pollarding." Pollarding means to top the tree so that all the remaining branches are the same height.

Here's the truth. Topping is not the correct way to trim any tree, and not just crape myrtles. That's a fact, despite what you might have heard others (including professionals) say.

crepe myrtle trimming

So, if topping is wrong, then why is it done so much? Plain and simple, it's done to control the height and shape of the tree.

Since crepe myrtles are considered an ornamental tree and indeed, produce gorgeous blooms, most home owners like you want them to stay small and be as showy as possible and topping will give you that result. We confess... we top crape myrtles for our clients because that's what they want.

Some have said that if the tree's natural growth pattern is too big or doesn't suit a particular space, then plant something else or a smaller variety of crape myrtle. We would say... hey, if this is what you like, then go for it. We give you permission.

You can top your crepe myrtles if you like and they will continue to survive for many, many years and be beautiful to boot! So why not? Just because it's not the proper method in horticultural circles? It's just a small tree in your yard and if it doesn't work out, is it really that big a deal? It's not like you've killed off and entire species of plant to the point of extinction! Get what we're saying here?

We know this point of view might cause controversy, but so be it. You should be able to do what you like with your own plants and feel good about the results.

Our Crape Myrtle Trimming Technique Revealed

Now that we've made that point, you can learn how to trim a crepe myrtle by choosing "better" way to trim and top your trees instead of the "worsed" way to do it.

Here's what we wouldn't do: cut off all the top growth down to 2-3 feet above the ground.

In our opinion, this looks positively unsightly during the off season and is the most extreme way of trimming and the worst for overall plant health. We like a middle-of-the-road trim, somewhere between extreme hard pruning and leaving it to grow naturally.

Crepe myrtles will put out new growth anywhere you've made a fresh cut and sometimes, even from the middle of stems too.

This means by by always cutting in the same spot, as is common, you'll be creating nubby stumps in those spots. Each year new growth will come out of those same stumps and each year these stumps swell to get bigger and bigger as more growth occurs. This results in small "suckers" growing out of those big stumps. These small suckers might be too thin to support the weight of the blooms so the branches will fall over.

How do you then combat this?

Generally the best way avoid this problem is to make your cut at a point slightly above last year's cut, which will be easy to identify by looking at the branches.

how to prune a crepe myrtle graphic

What this does is creates a new spot where new shoots will emerge and these shoots will be supported by the larger stems from last year. This allows for last year's new stems to grow bigger and thicker each year, thus supporting the blooms.

Trimming using this technique means that each year your crepe myrtle will get larger and you should be OK with that. If it's getting too large for the space, then you've probably planted it in the wrong spot - say in front of your living room windows - so be sure to plant them where they won't outgrow the space.

If however, you don't want your tree to get larger each year, even after pruning, you can make your cuts in the same spots as last year's cuts but if you do, just know you may be ostracised by any arborist that visits your yard.

One of our clients that lives in a townhouse planted a crepe myrtle directly in front of their living room window. While they have never minded it growing in front of the window, the neighbors complain because each year the tree grows over their front porches and needs to be severly trimmed. This is an example of a poorly chosen planting location but even so, that tree has survived for at least 2 decades and is still growing strong and looks great.

The good news is crepe myrtles rarely grow larger than 25 feet, so if you plant it in an appropriate location, you'll be good to go. Ideal spots are in the middle of the yard, either within a garden or all by itself, or as a corner ornamental in a garden that wraps around the side of a building.

Although topping is not the most ideal way to trim crape myrtles, the results are are usually spectacular, big, bright blooms held up perfectly by their supporting branches.

We've used this method for years for one client that has 2 crape myrtles planted side by side in a backyard garden. She wants them to look the same each year so we make our cuts mostly in the same spots each year. These spots however, are NOT low, near the base. This would result in a 6 inch diameter trunk with small suckers growing out of it.

We trim our client's tree at about 6 feet off the ground and keep many of the medium sized branches. This results in the final tree, including blooms, being approximately 10-12 feet high. A good look for our client.

Besides this topping method, you'll also want to:

  • Cut stems and branches that will improve the plant's structure such as branches or stems that are growing sideways, shaping the growth or redirect the growth in the direction you want it.
  • Prune off branches and stems the cross over one another and/or rub together. Rubbing branches will cause damage to both.
  • Remove dead or damaged branches where the emerge from the branch below it.
  • Remove any branches that are growing in clusters around the center of the tree.
  • Cut off any suckers, whether from the base or any that grow out of any branch or stem.

You'll want to use a good pair of long-handled loppers plus your trusty pruners for performing this task. These tools work best. DO NOT use hedge trimmers! You never want to shear your tree. Yes hand trimming will take longer, but there's no way around it.

Here's a great video we found that shows you how to trim a crape myrtle and is the method we use:

When Is It Too Late To Trim Crape Myrtles?

You'll want to trim your crape myrtle while it's in dormancy. This will vary, depending on the area in which you live.

In some areas, crape myrtles break dormancy in early spring. For us here in planting zone 7, they usually wait until late May to start coming alive and they don't start blooming until July. In the south they have a longer growing season.

Crepe myrtles are one of the classic southern plants. I always think Savanah Georgia when I think of this plant.

If you're busy and wait too long, or just never get around to it, it's OK if you prune the tree after the plant has started growing. This will encourage it to put out even more growth quicker. Just know that you might be cutting off some of the blooms, so it's up to you to decide if you shoul skip pruning for the year.

How To Trim A Crape Myrtle - Summary

Here's the "cheat sheet" for how to trim a crape myrtle.  Feel free to use it as a reference. Trim it correctly and you'll be enjoying the wonderful blooms all season long.

  1. Trim during dormancy only - usually during the winter.
  2. Use one of 3 methods - Single Trunk, Multi-Stem, or Natural.
  3. Don't top the tree a few feet off the ground.
  4. Locate last year's cuts and either trim them in the same area (pollarding) or cutting slightly above last year's cuts (which will increase the tree size gradually over time).
  5. Trim off all branches crossing over others or rubbing against one another.
  6. Trim off suckers at the base.
  7. Trim off small suckers growing out of larger branches.

Happy Gardening!

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