If You're New To Gardening We Have The Answers -

If You’re New To Gardening We Have The Answers

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If you're new to gardening, you've come to the right place.  We have the answers you need to solve all your gardening problems.

Being professional landscapers, we have 60+ years of combined experience solving every gardening problem you can imagine, from large business parks all the way to individual townhome owners, we've most likely seen it all. See our "about us" page for more info."

Your questions therefore, are not new.

Over the years, we've probably answered 1000's of questions from homeowners just like yourself, homeowners that are new to gardening too, homeowners that just needed some guidance.

Our articles posted to this section of Garden Masterz, plus other articles in other sections, were taylor made for you, the novice gardener. Don't dispare. You too can have a fantasic looking landscape even if you know very little right now.

How to do that? Well, you learn a little at a time. Learn just what you need to know now, then expand on that a little at a time.

Here's where to go...

First, check out the other topics in this section for more enlightening information. You can check out our "Gardening Basics For Beginners"  topic first.

Here you'll find lots of cool information you can use. No scientific mumbo jumbo (if you want that, we have that too), no complicated formulas of soil components, etc. Just practicle information you can use.

Did you know that learning about specific soil nutrients to grow great looking plants is not necessary? Yes it can certainly help but our position is it's not a requirement for great looking gardens.

We believe that if you don't know it, you can copy what we do, using the same products we use, and you'll almost certainly have the same results we do... and those results will be excellent!

The other topic within this section, "Pro Gardening Tips And Tricks"  will probably give you some "ah hah" moments! Here, we try to share some of our best methods for accomplishing certain things in our gardens, things like mowing the correct way, how to edge a garden like the pros, and much, much more.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on when you're seeing this page, we have (or will have) hundreds of articles on every gardening topic imaginable, all easily found and at your fingertips.

You see, our goal is to help you and millions of others learn how to grow plants so you can make your home's landscape the talk of your neighborhood! Yes, it can be done.

As you're browsing, perhaps your questions haven't been answered. If that's the case, contact us and we'll try to answer them in a clear and concise manner...

and if you haven't requested your FREE copy of our "10 Best Pro Landscaping Tips," then you should do so right away. You'll learn things such as...

  • Which type of garden edging is best.
  • How to select the right plants.
  • How to actually design the garden.
  • What elements make up a good garden design.
  • and much more...

Request your copy now and after you're enlightened, come back here and dive right in.

If you're new to gardening, it's the best advice we can give.

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