Osmocote Fertilizer Review -

Osmocote Fertilizer Review

Being landscape contractors for over 20 years, Osmocote has been the main fertilizer we use every time we plant gardens for ourselves or our clients. Without fail, we use it every time.

Therefore, we know a thing or two about it.

Our Osmocote fertilizer review is, therefore, a very informed, but unbiased opinion of how it works and why we like it. We will certainly be honest about it’s advantages and negatives as well.

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How And When To Use Osmocote Fertilizer In Your Gardens

Osmocote is a slow-release fertilizer that comes in small beads, granules if you will. It's extremely easy to use. It comes in large bags or smaller sprinkle containers.

We always apply it using the sprinkle container. Even if we purchase larger bags, we will always transfer small amounts to the sprinkle container to apply it to the ground. It makes it super easy.

To apply osmocote, simply sprinkle it out of the container in the appropriate amount - which is about one cap per 4 square feet. Don't inundate the ground but use enough based on the product directions.

Once applied, mix it in to the top 2-3 inches of garden soil just before you plant. You can also reapply it every 6 months if needed. This will help keep your plants looking nice over the long-term.

osmocote review label

Osmocote fertilizer is one of the slow-release granule types of fertilizer. It releases its nutrients to the plants over time, which is a good thing. The label states it works up to six months.

This product works very well for us and Is part of our one-two punch we deliver when planting flowers, shrubs and trees. The other part of this attack is Miracle-Gro garden soil.

To find out our foolproof system for getting excellent results using these two products, read this article here. You can also find out more about Miracle-Gro garden soil here.

Osmocote Fertilizer Ingredients

The osmocote fertilizer rating is 15-9-12. That means it contains 15% nitrogen, 9% phosphate, and 12% potassium. It also contains eight additional nutrients that are good for plants but in much smaller amounts.

To find out more information about those numbers and what those ingredients do for your plants, we have an informative article right here.

Like many fertilizers however, the warning labels states the main ingredient, molybdenum,” may result in forage crops containing levels of molybdenum which are toxic to ruminant animals.”

This means there is a possibility that animals foraging in your gardens may be harmed. This may apply to farmers growing crops though, but that is pure speculation on our part. However, we never use it in vegetable gardens.

Through the years of using this product we have never encountered any problems or negative effects but if you’re a strict “organic” gardener, this product may not be for you.

How Effective Is Osmocote?

As we’ve said before, the results speak for themselves.

The soil amendments we use plus Osmocote fertilizer together bring on healthy and vibrant plants. "Nuff said!

Where Can I Purchase Osmocote?

You can purchase Osmocote at Lowe's, Home Depot, or any other garden centers. Even though you may not have heard of it, it's a very popular product so it's usually stocked at all the popular retailers selling garden products.

Look for the shocking pink label!

You can of course save time by ordering it online by CLICKING HERE!

Final Results - Our Osmocote Fertilizer Review

We just won't plant gardens without Osmocote.
Therefore, we give it 5 five dandelions!

5-star dandelion
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  1. Flappy Bird
    August 11, 2023

    The soil amendments you plus Osmocote fertilizer together bring on healthy and vibrant plants.


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