Preen Review - Is It The Best Weed Preventer? -

Preen Review – Is It The Best Weed Preventer?

preen review

Read the following Preen review to find out if the product belongs in your gardens.

Did you know that most gardens contain hundreds of weed seeds at any given time? It’s shocking but true! Many are too deep to germinate but the ones closest to the surface are sure to create a nuisance by showing their pesky little leaves as they start to peek out of the garden.

In our 20+ years of being landscape contractors, we have needed to find a way to control weeds in clients' gardens. That means preventing them from sprouting.

We have used different methods and products at times to accomplish this impossible task but the one we like best is Preen weed preventer. It does exactly what the label says. It prevents weeds from growing.

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As the label says, Preen is a weed preventer. That means it does not kill weeds that are actively growing in your garden. Therefore, before using it, you should remove those weeds that are present and alive. Using a weeding fork or trowel, dig them up by the roots. Once that is done you can then apply the product.

Once applied, Preen creates a barrier that prevents weed seeds from germinating in the first place.

preen label image

This also means that other plants will not germinate either so if you are sowing seeds in your gardens you would not want to use Preen in that particular area. Preen also may stop perennials from spreading especially if they do so by seeding themselves.

In addition, preen is not meant for lawns, so don’t use it on your grass.

Preen Weed Preventer Pros and Cons

Like any product Preen Weed Preventer has its pros and cons.


  • Preen prevents weeds from germinating before they even start.
  • Extremely easy to use and apply.
  • You'll save time because you won't need to spend hours weeding your gardens.
  • Preen will prevent up to 37 of the most common weeds (as listed on the label) from growing in your gardens.
  • Can be used around hundreds of plants.
  • Can be used in vegetable gardens as well.


  • Preen is not effective on all weeds so you still may have a few sprouting up.
  • It is not a natural product. Preen is a chemical pesticide.
  • Preen can stain your hands and clothes but if applied correctly, you won’t ever come in contact with it.
  • If the weed barrier is broken by disturbing the surface of the ground, the effectiveness of the product is diminished greatly.
  • If using in vegetable gardens, specific instructions must be followed depending on the vegetable. With some vegetables you can apply it before seeding while others need to be actively growing above ground before applying. (Read the label for specific vegetables that apply).

How To Apply Preen Weed Preventer

To apply Preen simply sprinkle the granules directly on your garden or over the mulch once mulch is applied. The jar has a sprinkle top, so It's as easy as opening the jar and sprinkling out the granules.

Preen also comes with a battery operated sprinkle top that does it for you at the correct rate. It’s slightly more expensive though and we find we don’t need it.

Preen will need to be watered in to create that barrier. If there is no rain in the forecast you should water the garden with a hose. The dissolved granules are what creates the barrier.

Is Preen Safe?

If you read the pros and cons, you know Preen is a chemical pesticide and like all pesticides, concern about the environment is always front and center - as it should be.

If you are an organic gardener, then Preen is not a product you would want. For us, because being pro landscape contractors that have not been trained in organic alternatives, we use it.

The manufacturer advises that it should be applied in a manner where there is no run-off into streams or rivers because it could be harmful to fish and other marine life.

This means that sweeping any loose granules off of your driveway or sidewalks is a good idea.

Of course it would also be harmful if swallowed, but doesn’t that pertain to everything that isn’t food?

Finally, it could stain your hands or clothes but these things are easy to overcome.

Other than that, Preen weed preventer is safe for all gardeners.

Does Preen Work On Top Of Mulch?

Yes, Preen works on top of mulch. Actually, you can apply it over mulch, but watering dissolves the granules and creates the weed barrier within the top layer of soil, not on top of the mulch. That distinction is worth noting.

In essence then, it works within the soil, but can be applied over mulch.

Our Final Thoughts On Preen Weed Preventer

We have used Preen Weed Preventer for dozens of years and it really works.

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It actually makes life so much easier for our clients and us as well. Weeding our clients’ gardens is a breeze because we know when we use Preen weed preventert, there will be very few weeds to pull.

Our Preen review results:

We give it 4 Dandelions instead of 5 - only because of it being a chemical pesticide.

4-star dandelion review

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  1. Deborah Mayo
    August 21, 2021

    My receipt straights that I bought a 5.625# of Preen Garden Weed Prev. And I paid 17.99 + tax and I am so disappointed in this product!!!! I would love to return and get my money back as I waited too long as I was hoping the more I used the better it would work but not much luck AT ALL.

  2. Suzanne Tiemstra
    August 30, 2022

    I used Preen mulch with weed preventer this year, and it has been the first year I didn’t suffer back problem from weeding. The coverage was excellent, too. I can sit in the garden without fretting over weeds.

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