Pro Gardening Tips And Tricks -

Pro Gardening Tips And Tricks

Being in the landscape business for over 2 decades has really showed Art and me that many homeowners need help with their gardens and landscape.

Over the years, we’ve watched people try to make various improvements to their gardens and we realized that many people do things the hard way.

Are you like that? If so, the good news is it’s not your fault. Most people don’t know. They’ve never been taught.

If you are one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. Our pro gardening tips will show you how to do more with less time and less money.

One reason landscape tasks can seem like too much work is because people don’t use the correct tools for the job. Like with any task, it makes life so much easier if you have the right tools. Imagine being a mechanic and needing to change a tire without a lug wrench. Impossible right?  We’ll be talking about he landscaping tools we use in our own work - tools that make the work easier.  You'll find those in our best gardening products reviewed section.

Over the years we’ve been asked lots and lots of questions from our homeowner clients. Questions such as… “What annuals can you plant that would be the most fragrant? “Why are my begonias not as big as last year?” “Why did my azalea die suddenly?” “Why are my hostas turning yellow?” “What are these brown patches in my yard?” “Is this poison ivy?”... and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s a myth that caring for a garden involves a lot of time and back breaking work. Sure, you WILL have to work at it, but there are ways you can do it to make things easier for yourself.

In addition, if you think of it as hard work, you may let things go until you have an overgrown weedy mess. Then you’ll really have some hard work to do.

Let us here, at Garden Masterz, make your life easier by giving you gardening advice directly from yours truly, Art and Tony, the pros that have decades of experience.

Gardening Advice You Actually Use

One of our tips revolves around reducing weeds in your garden. We have a clever technique that will reduce weeds by 90%. Now, if you’re thinking you can eliminate weeds entirely, that would be a lofty goal and probably not realistic, but reducing them by 90% is totally doable!

One new client of ours had weeds as tall as me (I’m 5’10) when we started and we have been able to reduce them to almost nill, year after year.

Other piece of gardening advice involves reducing the time it takes to mow your yard.

Here’s a question, do you use a rake? If so, you need to stop raking your grass clippings after mowing. Professionals never rake grass! Did you know that if you do it correctly, you won’t need to rake grass clippings and they won’t leave an unsightly mess either. How it this possible?

We have the answer on our site.

Other gardening tips and tricks will help you use the correct fertilizer, choose the correct plants for your gardens, get advice on which garden products will work for you, and much much more.

Get Results You Can Actually See

Take your time to browse our website and learn more about how to make your gardening life easier. You just might discover a helpful trick you didn’t know that will save you hours of labor.

Even if you’re a seasoned gardener with many years of tending to your plants, you’ll likely discover some advice you can use.

Also, let us know about your experiences either using some of our gardening tips or some of your own. Contact us here. We’d love to hear from you because we love to talk gardening.

You can also join our VIP club and get your personal questions answered by one of us. We can’t promise we’ll get to every one, but you can also join our VIP club for more personalized answers.

We look forward to hearing your gardening stories.

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