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How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

If you are gardener these days, besides challenges of keeping plants growing and watered, there are also the challenges of critters eating your plants, and most commonly deer. Fighting with the deer can be very stressful. We know. We've been doing it for years too. All of your hard earned money and time on...

dragon wing begonia top image

Dragon Wing Begonia – Everything You Need To Know

Growth: 2 Feet Wide By 2-3 Feet High Light: Full Shade To Partial Filtered Sun Planting Zones: 10-11 As A Perennial, An Annual In All Other Zones Of all the begonia varieties, the dragon wing begonia is one of the most unique. It's uses, care and pruning can be unique as well. In our...

cheap diy garden ideas

15 Cheap DIY Garden Ideas For Those On A Budget

Being landscape contractors has its benefits. One of those is knowing how to save money when planting gardens. We want to expand our knowledge and give you some cheap diy garden ideas that you can implement around your own property.  We have used all of these ideas in one form or another throughout our...

mulch types advantages and disadvantages

Mulch Types And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each

After your gardens are prepared with nutrient rich soil and after they have been planted with attractive shrubs and flowers, you're now ready for the final step - applying mulch. Mulch is very important because it insulates the garden from the hot summer sun, thereby keeping it moist longer. It also helps prevent weeds....

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