The Best Gardening Products Reviewed -

The Best Gardening Products Reviewed

best gardening products

We all know that you can't be a gardener without tools and other products. Many are absolutely essential.

In this section, we want to tell you about the best gardening products that we've used in our 20+ years as landscape contractors.

Many of these products can make your life in the garden a lot easier. We will be covering the following products as well as many, many more...

The Best Fertilizers

There are fertilizers for lawns, there are fertilizers for gardens, there are fertilizers for acid-loving plants, and so much more.

Browsing the fertilizers at your local Garden Center could be very confusing. However we have some recommendations of the actual fertilizers we use in our daily work.

Any of the fertilizers you see on the shelves will in fact work. However we have our favorites.

No need to stare blindly at the shelves wondering which bag to pick up. We’ll let you know the ones we use for the best results.

The Best Soil Amendments

Using nutrient-rich soil is what you should be doing each time you plant in your garden.

Just like fertilizers there's a lot to choose from on the shelves of the garden centers and again, just like the fertilizers, we have our favorite soil amendments too.

The ones we use give us excellent results. In our 20 plus years of working with clients we have almost 100% success rates with the products we use. Our clients love the results and so will you.

The Best Gardening Tools

Just like Carpenters or electricians there are tools of the gardening trade that will make your life a lot easier.

As professionals we have a shed full of tools each with their own purpose. Some are absolute necessities. Others come in handy as well. Find out which tools you need to use to make your gardening tasks much quicker and easier.

The Best Deer Repellent

We know deer are common problem in many residential gardens. Do you have a problem with deer?

If so you may know that deer are very difficult to control and discourage. What works one day may not work the next.

Our clients have problems with deer and we've been pleased to help them with the problem. One client in particular has had her gardens decimated every year by deer and the problem would continue if we did nothing.

Because of this, we have experimented with a lot of different deer control methods and have found one method that works well by combining repellent products we’ve purchased with other less known methods.

The Best Watering Timers

If you've read any of our articles about planting flowers, shrubs and trees you know we are fans of watering timers. Actually they could make the difference between a garden that thrives and a garden that dies.

Over the years we have tried many different watering timers. Most work well. Some work better than others and some fail quickly.

Let us help you choose the best watering timer for your own situation.

Miscellaneous Products

There are many other products that we like to use in our gardening endeavors. Things such as moisture meters, outdoor thermometers, mulch, fountains and birdbaths, paver stones, and the list goes on.

Below you'll find some snipets of the best gardening products we’ve reviewed in this section. Check back often as we add products.

You can also use our section function above to search for a category of product or an actual product by name.

If you want to know about a specific product, let us know in the comments below so we can evaluated and review it to let you know if it's a good choice.

Products Reviewed

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