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Attention  Aspiring Gardeners... 

Yes... You Too Can Create VIBRANT, DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS Gardens... You Just  NEED THIS!

Would You Love To Have A Garden You Can Finally Be Proud Of?

One that would make the neighbors come over and say, "Who did your gardens?" And you smile and answer, "Well, actually I did!" 

And to create your own home SANCTUARY! A place where you can get away from the world and just sit back and enjoy YOUR outdoors. The splash of color in all the right places, the manicured shrubs, textured hardscaping, and mulch just the right shade to tie it together.

Maybe you’ve tried and just can't seem to get everything to work out. You bought perennials that soon died (your kids refer to you as "the plant murderer"), you've tried to copy magazine and Pinterest photos but somehow those ideas just flop in your yard...

and it’s so overwhelming!

You visit your local garden center, and upon opening the door, your eyes are assaulted with a barrage of colors and shapes.  Greens of all shades, lime green, forest green, reds, purples, pinks, tall flowers, short flowers, flowers with large blooms, small blooms, trees, bushes, short bushes, tall bushes, evergreens, perennials, annuals, OH MY! 

And let's not forget the things other than plants.

Fertilizers for roses, fertilizers with odd numbers, liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers, soil amendments of every shape and size, peat moss, manure, miracle-gro, mulch in bags, brown mulch, red mulch, wall blocks, and...  well, you get the picture.

Many people turn to the internet for answers, but you know what?  That's not always the best option.  After all, do you ever consider the source of the information you're reading online?  Do they even know what they're talking about?  Especially as it pertains to you?  It’s not like you can ask questions and get the right answer.

Some days you're just tempted to astroturf the lawn, stick some plastic flowers in it and call it good.

Let’s face it…gardening can be HARD! And many people have the unrealistic expectation that they can do a professional job without professional level experience. 

But would you expect to be able to build an entire house if you've never really worked as a carpenter? Or sail around the world if you've only dabbled with boats? Of course not! 

And gardening is no different. All the variables make it extremely complex! Specific plants need specific climates, soil pH, moisture, and sunlight. You need to design according to seasons, coordinate colors, and design spaces for both artistic and practical purposes.

There's a lot to think about before you even START to stick a shovel into the dirt.

But the thing CAN do it!  You just need the right resources!

If only you had that "expert friend" that could give you a hand…the one that really knows what they’re doing, comes on over, and you bang it out in an afternoon. you do!  Introducing...

This exclusive club for novice and experienced gardeners alike gives you all the information and training you need  TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL GARDENS!

And you don't have to worry about the high cost of professional gardeners OR worry about making those critical (and expensive!) mistakes on your own! 

As a member of The Garden Masterz VIP Club, you'll be able to design, build and enjoy the garden of your dreams!

You'll be able to sit back and relax in your own natural sanctuary, proud you have "done it myself," and  are able to answer all the questions that your neighbors are bound to have!

Who are we?

We are Art and Tony and we've been designing beautiful gardens for clients for over 2 decades, so our landscape knowledge comes from years of real-world experience!

Art got his landscaping degree right out of high school and immediately went to work for one of the largest commercial landscapers in the U.S. 

I (Tony) on the other hand, learned from the school of hard knocks.  In my mid-20's, I tried to help my parents plant some gardens around their house. But I couldn't even remember a few of the basic trees that I learned in Boy Scouts!   

I tried my best though, but…my best wasn’t good enough. I tried multiple plants:  begonias at the end of the sidewalk in the hot sun.  Oops!  Impatiens under the eaves of the roof. Bomb!   We even planted white pines (a shade tree) as a privacy shrub.  Disaster!  Clearly the wrong choice!

It was frustrating!  Why weren’t the plants surviving?  Even when they did survive, the gardens looked…blah. 

Not show-stopping, eye popping masterpieces. 

 It was ego busting!  What was I doing wrong?

Several years later I met Art. He was ready to start his own landscaping business and wanted a partner.  I was an able learner (and worker!) and wanted to start a business.  We fit perfectly.

What I discovered through this process is that designing and creating beautiful gardens is really quite simple.  Much easier than I ever thought possible!

Using Art as a mentor, I learned more and more about plants and what it takes to design truly spectacular gardens.  Finally I realized gardening can be fun and satisfying!  Creating a work of art with plants instead of paint can be very, very rewarding.

At one point, I had that "ah hah" moment.  Every time we installed gardens, we'd always used the same process from beginning to end. Of course Art knew that because that's what all professional landscapers do when hired to plant a new garden - because it works!

Over the years we've installed hundreds of garden spaces for our clients - from townhouses to ranches to large modern homes.

 And in every one of those cases, we've used the SAME SYSTEM so that everything is taken into account and nothing is forgotten!

And after almost 20 years of working, we decided that we could help WAY more people by working on the internet as well as working in the dirt.  

Here are some of our client's gardens...

before and after1

Mae Ballard

"You've done such a great job with my gardens, my neighbor wants hers done just like mine. Excellent work."


Years As A Client:  15+ Years

We created a system called our WHOLE GARDENING system so that we could share this method with like minded gardeners out there who want to make the world a more beautiful place!

We like to call this system WHOLE GARDENING because we arrange all the critical pieces so everything goes together into a complete masterpiece, like a puzzle - from the selection of plants to the best methods for planting to the proper soil amendments,  how much water and when - plus a whole lot more.  Our method answers all of the questions, including these head-scratchers...

What kind of plants will grow in my yard?
Which plants will look good together? 
How do I layout my garden?
Do I need annuals, perennials, both?
What about shrubs?  Should I plant some?
What can I do in my backyard to create a peaceful retreat?
...and Much more!

Here’s How The Garden Masterz VIP Club Works!

As soon as you register, you will be given access to our exclusing 15 module video course...

Resource #1:

vector-makeover magic

Makeover Magic - How To Create Beautiful Gardens 

Module #1 - Introduction To Gardening:    Introduction To Gardening: We introduce the critical concepts and break them down into simple concepts so that the rest of the course makes perfect sense.
Module #2 - Purpose Planning:   Key concepts you NEED TO KNOW about the use your space.  These play an important part in how it's designed and what goes in it.
Module #3 - Location Planning:   How to choose the right plants for the location of your garden and why the sun vs. shade decision is not black and white.
Module #4 - Condition Planning:   A step-by-step guide for evaluating the CONDITION of your space so that you can make INFORMED decisions and avoid critical mistakes.
Module #5 - Budget Planning:  We share with you the time-tested methods the pros use for estimating jobs quickly and accurately so you know the cost before starting the makeover.
Module #6 - Garden Design Principles:  Probably THE most important module!  We reveal the design principles used by the pros. (Your neighbors will be asking for your landscaper’s business card!)
Module #7 - Gathering Ideas:  How to get ideas if you've hit a roadblock and the top 3 places you can go to explore the possibilities and inspire your creativity.
Module #8 - Choosing Plants:  The secret to choosing plants that fit well together to enhance your space and the ONE WORD that describes it.
Module #9 - The Final Plan:  How to put everything together in a design plan that rivals anything designed by pros - including the exact techniques we use WITHOUT complicated design software and/or apps.
Module #10 - The Shopping List:  What tools and materials should be on your list - (including some of the most common ones that most people forget!)
Module #11 -  Garden Preparation:  How to prepare the garden and what to add to the soil that will virtually guarantee beautiful plants.
Module #12 -   Planting The Garden:   The best way to plant the plants - including the most common mistakes (deadly to plants) that many of our clients have made!
Module #13 -  Watering The Garden:   Everything you need to know about watering - including how often and how much and our secret trick that eliminates your watering chores forever.  (Hint: it’s not an expensive irrigation system!)
Module #14 - Garden Maintenance:  How to manage the maintenance of your garden so it stays beautiful  (including our seasonal planner of everything you should do).
Module #15 - Conclusions:  A summary of every task - step by step - that you can refer back to should you forget anything.

Once you finish with this course, you'll be well on your way to transforming your home's landscape into something really special - but that's not all.

You'll also get...

Resource #2:


"Ask The Pros"  Live Landscape Consulting

Imagine being able to log on to a call IN REAL-TIME, hold a plant up to the camera or show a picture and ask "What's going on here?" You get immediate answers and feedback!

Imagine getting landscape design advice for YOUR garden immediately, in real time, that you can go out an then apply to improve your landscape tremendously!

In addition, we make the calls fun by playing interactive games like "Guess the mistake." These interactive, entertaining and educational sessions will dramatically increase your knowledge and confidence so you'll be able to address any problems BEFORE they consume your entire yard!


Resource #3:


Private Facebook Community To Interact With Other Gardeners In The Club

You get access to our private Facebook group. 

Here you can join a community of like-minded gardeners all speaking the same language (They've all received our video course!). 

Here you can ask additional questions, share successes, (it's ok to brag a little!), and even post a question in the "challenges" thread where, 1x per month, we'll record a video answering all of them.

WE KNOW we can help you with your home's landscape! 

Listen to what a few more clients have said about our work...

Delois Lawrence

"Each job has been perfect!  I've received many compliments for my flower gardens from neighbors and people just passing by.  I've won awards several years from the HOA and I give all the credit to Art and Tony"

Deez Tots Day Care

Years As A Client:  18

Gloria Bell

Excellent service.  Very friendly and trustworthy.  I have recommended their service to many friends and associates and will continue to do so.


Years As A Client - Approx. 20

More of our client's gardens...

client garden3
client garden5
client garden2
sample garden

By now you're probably wondering how much all of this costs.

First, as you probably know, consulting with professionals in any industry is not cheap. Our normal 1 hour consulting fee for local prospects is $150.00 and we're giving this to you multiple times per month.

Second, we know if you hire a professional company to create a landscape design and then install it, you're easily looking at thousands of dollars!

Third,  "Makeover Magic - How To Create Beautiful Gardens" could easily sell for $500.00 for all the value that it provides.  In fact, the course is not only showing you how to achieve your goal of creating a beautiful landscape but transforms you into a "garden master" in the process.

One thing we've come to know over the years. Learning gardening is not a "one-and-done" endeavor.  It's not like learning how to ride a bike - and once you know it, it's done.   Learning gardening and getting better happens over time.  Indeed, even professional landscapers like Art that have been doing it, literally, all their working lives are still learning new things.

Therefore, we think the best fit and, by far, the best value for you is to offer these extremely valuable lessons in the form of a monthly membership. That way, the inevitable challenges you'll face over time can be dealt with and fixed.

Because we want to keep the price as low as possible to give you incredible value,  and because we want to change the world - one garden at a time  - we are offering you an incredible deal...

If you join now, you'll never again be confused or challenged by the myriad of choices in the gardening world - from plants, to fertilizers to soil and mulch - we have everything covered!

Right now you can get a membership in Garden Masterz VIP Club for only 

$1.00 for a 7 day trial, then $29.95  $15.00 monthly (that's a 50% discount)!

That's less than the price of 1 decent hanging basket of flowers or 4 small pots of annuals! 

This is a one-time offer that has a one week time limit!  The price will go up to the regular price when the timer hits zero - in just 7 days.  That means you need to act now to get the best price.

Just click or tap the button to order.  You will also be added to our email list so we can keep you updated on the latest updates to the VIP CLUB.

One thing's for sure.  Joining Garden Masterz VIP Club can  transform you into a garden master AND SAVE YOU MONEY!  Not only will you not waste your hard-earned dollars on plants only to see them die, but you won't have to hire professionals for $$$ or use guesswork to plant your gardens - living on "hope" that they will turn out beautiful.

Say YES and join now for that sure thing!

We are 100% sure you'll love your membership and get inspired to take action!  As a reminder, you'll be getting all the information you need to create your own beautiful gardens AND consulting with us to help you with your own unique challenges.

However, if you're still unsure, don't worry!  We want to reduce your risk to zero, none, null!


If for any reason, you're not lovin' the membership or think it can't help you, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund of your purchase price.  That's right,100 % REFUND OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE!  That's our "Love My Garden" guarantee to you!

(If your membership continues past month #1 however, we will not be able to issue you a refund for past months but you can cancel at any time by following the instructions on your main dashboard page. We won't hide our cancel  button or instructions as some websites do. Don't you hate that?  We do)!

By joining now you can finally overcome your gardening challenges and get clarity on what you must do to  create your own beautiful landscape that you can be proud to show off to your neighbors, family and friends.  Heck, maybe you'll even host a neighborhood gathering around your new fire pit!!  Be sure to invite us!

If you're still unsure our "Garden Masterz VIP Club" will help you, we want to make the decision even easier.  That's why we're offering the following bonuses to help you get your new landscape started on the right foot.

bonus1 graphic

Training Extra - Image Inspiration:

We call this "image inspiration" for a reason.  This training is perfect for gathering ideas for your own yard.

As part of "Garden Masterz VIP CLUB" you'll get photos of landscapes and gardens that we've annotated, showing you what we like and don't like about each one.  In addition, we identify the plants in each image so you can replicate the design in your own yard.

You'll see photos of front yards, back yards, pathways, containers and pots, shade gardens and more.  Plus, we add new photos monthly.

bonus2 graphic

Training Extra - Plant Discovery:

In this training you'll learn about individual plants - from summer annuals to perennials, shrubs, trees, and more!

You'll like our in depth reviews of each plant, showing you everything you need to know about each one, including planting zones, light requirements, growth habits, and more.

We know you'll enjoy discovering new plants which is why we try to include exotic and different choices that you've probably never heard of.

For us, it's like discovering that new recipe for macaroni salad that impresses your party guests compared with that old boring standby salad you've made in the past!

bonus3 graphic

Training Extra - Miscellaneous "How-To" Videos:

Make you gardening tasks MUCH EASIER with our how-to videos, including pro tips and tricks you've probably never heard of.

We've covered topics such as the best method for planting  shrubs, our pro tip that shows you how to trim back liriope in 1/2 the time it usually takes, how to seed a lawn correctly and which common mistake many homeowners make that actually stops the seed from germinating and much more. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. 

You'll certainly learn how to accomplish chores quicker and easier with our helpful tips.

Join "Garden Masterz VIP CLUB - How To Create Beautiful Gardens" and you can be on your way to the landscape you've only dreamed of.

Here's another example of one of our client's reactions:

Priscilla Harris

Forgive me for bragging about the artisanal  landscaping done on my property.  I'm sure you would agree that the site is breathtaking.  The plan/layout of the land is amazingly beautiful.  New customers are always impressed with a job well done.

Homeowner Client

Years As A Client: 20+ Years - I Really Can't Remember

Imagine the pride and joy you'll feel as you escort visitors around your new outdoor spaces, showing them what you created.  Imagine the satisfaction you'll feel when you stand back, admiring your landscape, knowing that you created and designed it yourself.  Just imagine.  Wow!



The current discount is only available for 7 days.  Once the timer below hits zero, this page will expire and you'll never see this offer again!   You have to agree, it's the smart move to join now - especially since there's no risk to you at all with our Money Back Guarantee!

As a reminder, here's what you'll be getting by joining  "The Garden Masterz VIP Club"...


Look at it this way.  

If you don't take our offer, nothing will change.  You'll still be stuck in the spot you're in - not knowing the proper way to get a good looking outdoor space.  Not knowing if the plants you're choosing are the right ones.   Still struggling to get plants that will grow healthy and look good together.

You'll still get that sinking feeling in your stomach when company drops by - making excuses for why your gardens look the way they do.  Wouldn't it be nice instead to show off and brag about your beautiful landscape?

Finally, you'll still be wasting your hard-earned dollars on plants that end up dead and in the trash heap!

Change your home's landscape and start today by joining "Garden Masterz VIP Club."  You can go from a gardening beginner to a garden master.

If that sounds good to you, click the purchase button below and...


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